How does it work?

You scope out the menu for the week, choose your meals, and place your order! We design a variety of chef-prepared selections as well as a core ala carte menu from which you can select to add proteins, vegetables, & carbohydrates to your day. We shop and chop, prepare your meals with love, and a chef's assistant comes knocking!

When do my meals arrive?

Orders are placed by Thursdays at midnight for Sunday delivery, giving us time to source your meals from local markets and farms. Meals are prepared fresh and delivered on Sunday for you to enjoy throughout your week!

What can I expect on delivery day?

All cooler bags will be out for delivery between 11:00am and 2:00pm on Sunday. Your cooler will be dropped at your doorstep. We will follow instructions on your invoice so be sure to leave any details about your place of residence.

You will see a delivery fee for the courier delivery and bag exchange. This fee is based on the area in which you live. For orders over $150, you will see a delivery discount. Please do feel free to take advantage by reaching that $150 subtotal.

 How do I reheat the meals?
Our meals are served in a microwaveable, recyclable container. Our suggestion is to heat your meals in the microwave at 50% power for 2-3:30 minutes depending on the wattage of your microwave. You will begin to get a feel for the temperature you enjoy your meals best but it is recommended to reheat the meals to at least 165 degrees.

What do I do with my cooler after I unload my meals into the refrigerator?
We hope you love using the Chop & Chisel cooler bags, but please do leave them out the next Sunday for our delivery person to pick up. We will continue to swap coolers this way as you continue to order.

How long does the food last?
We recommend eating the food by end of the day Saturday, but we find that most dishes last until Sunday. In addition, some meals can be frozen to extend the shelf-life, although we pride ourselves on serving you fresh entrees.

I have food allergies and/or aversions. Will you customize my meals?
We do allow customers to let us know about food allergies or dislikes and we log the information in your customer profile. Each week we customize your food to not include these items.

Do you provide nutritional information for your food?
You can find the nutrition information in the second/alternate photo of the entree.

Who are your customers?
We cook for a lot of families, busy parents, university students, athletes, single person households, and people who don’t have the time to meal plan and cook the way they want to for the week.

Can I visit your kitchen?
Please do! You may schedule a visit to our kitchen to meet our staff and to see the ingredients that we use for cooking. Just email us at chop2chisel@gmail.com.

Do you cater?
Occasionally. Feel free to email us or call us as we are always open to new opportunities.



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