How Does it Work

Not sure where to start?

Below is a quick crash course into how Chop & Chisel works. We have defined some of the most frequent options you will see to ensure you are completely confident when you are placing your order. Please know that if you have any additional questions, we are here to provide any information you need, just e-mail us, call us!

Core Item

A core item is a basic, lightly seasoned serving of your item of choice. For example, the core sweet potato is one serving of roasted sweet potato to complement the rest of your meals. This serving will be served in a small single serving container.

Build Your Core Entree

The Build Your Core Entree is the place to be if you are looking to build your own basic entree, comprised of carbohydrate, vegetable, & protein options. The drop-down menus allow you to select what you like to eat. For example, you can select a serving of sweet potato, a serving of green beans, and a serving of chicken breast. The options will then be combined to form an entree.

What is a Core Pack?

A Core Pack is our way of making it easy for you to simply receive a number of Build Your Core entrees, chosen by our Chef, built using the  carbohydrates, vegetables, & proteins we have available. This option is very popular for those individuals who do not want to put effort into building their own meals and trust that we will make tasty combinations that satisfy your nutritional needs. Each meal in the pack will be comprised of a serving of carbohydrate, a serving of vegetables, & a serving of protein.

What is a Chef Specialty Entree?

The Chef Specialty Entree is an entree built by the Chef, available for a la carte purchase. These items are designed & reverse-engineered by our team to ensure the best decisions are made when it comes to your nutrition. These entrees are more creative & fun, often times incorporating various preparation styles, house made sauces, salsas, marinades, etc. The Specialty entrees keep your nutrition in mind, while bringing out the foodie in you!

What is a Chef Pack?

 Our Chef Packs consist of entrees from the current Chef Specialty options. For example, when you select the Chef Pack 10, you will receive 10 entrees from the Chef Specialty menu. The pack options save you some money and allow to trust our Chef to build a well-rounded, scrumptious variety of entrees for you. We curate your cooler for you, which saves you time & energy. If you would like to choose each meal you receive, feel free to shop from our a la carte menu.


Hopefully we have answered any questions you have about what we offer. Click here or click the Get Started Now tab at the top of the screen to begin shopping.



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