About Us

Chop & Chisel
Chop Up to Chisel Out

Chop & Chisel was founded in 2015 after we spent years working to prepare healthy and delicious meals each week in order to stay on track. We realized that keeping it all together when people combine extra curricular activities, kids, work, and all other unexpected daily events can sometimes be too much to handle. The process of baking and broiling becomes cumbersome, leaving you feeling like a failure if you just can't muster up the time and energy to get it all done.

What Sets Us Apart From the Others?

It is a crucial aspect of business for us to emphasize the human element, ensuring that the so-called transaction isnt limited to three clicks to pick your meals, add to cart, and complete the order. We strive to make the experience simple & positive. We really want to become part of your daily life, creating a successful environment, built for you to thrive!
We truly care so much about your well-being! For new clients,when the order is placed, if you haven’t had communication with us already, a Chop & Chisel team member will reach out to you to learn more about you, whether you enjoy chatting through email, on the phone, or by text. If you are looking for a connection when it comes to what you are eating, we are here for you. If you would love to simply click three times and wait for food to arrive at your door, we can make that happen too.



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